We all have our coping mechanisms ;)

On a (slightly) less nerdy note, have you noticed that the phrase “[insert verb]… THIS!” is an epidemic in action movies? Heroes love to shout that line just before landing a finishing blow or launching a missile or something of the sort. It’s almost a code: shorthand for “I am clever with puns and defiant at the same time.”

Here are just a few that are stuck in my head:

[Just before firing a rocket at a robotic drill.] “Dig THIS!”

VILLAIN: “I can read your every move!”

HERO: “Read THIS!”

[HERO proceeds to stab VILLAIN with a knife embedded in a book. I kid you not.]

[Just before destroying some Borg thing.] “Assimilate THIS!”

Can you tell where those quotes came from? They were all major, relatively recent films ;)