Galactic Sleepover

I hereby present my second submission to Threadless!

Now it’s up to you — my intelligent, good-looking, well-connected readers — to vote it up and spread the word.

Please and thank you!


Well, the votes are in and the final score is 3.68/5 (which is apparently pretty good). All we have to do now is wait for their decision…

Thanks for all the support!


“I’m thinking of turning evil. Should I turn evil?”
Yes – definitely

“Will I need an evil army?”
Without a doubt

“Hmm. I’ll need fuel for an evil army. Trees burn, don’t they?”
Signs point to yes

“Haha. It’s not like the trees could fight back, right?”
Ask again later

That’s a palantír, by the way. If you didn’t know that, you’re probably a sane and well-adjusted individual. Congratulations.