What is Quiddlebee, you ask? That’s an excellent question. Other excellent questions include “How do I make money from expired milk?” and “Where do batteries go when they die?” Excellent questions all around.

But the answer to our first question is quite simple: Quiddlebee is a comic. A silly, quirky little comic. It does not, for instance, make your coffee.

How long will it last? Who knows?

For now, Quiddlebee is a hobby. Non-profit, experimental, and wholly unprofessional.

Stick around. There might be cookies.

Oh look, some FAQs (actually not so frequent):

What’s a comic?

Very funny. Next question.

Where do you get your ideas?

From you, and your witty repartee.

Are these comics drawn by hand?

Absolutely. Each pixel is lovingly crafted by elves in my basement. At night, they band together to fight crime as the Woodland Enforcement Brigade – but I’ve said too much already.

I am big important Nigerian and require place for to hide millions of $$$s. You have give me bank information?

Certainly. I’m currently using the First Oceanic Bank. Account number 1701. The online banking password is “password.”

I don’t get your jokes. Is there something wrong with me?


There must be thousands of comics on the internet. What makes this one so special?


What’s wrong with you?

This interview is over.